Resident Info


Homeowner involvement is crucial for good governance of the Association, and the Board of Directors would welcome your participation as a committee member:

ARC (aka Architectural Review) - Ensures architectural and landscape changes comply with the Associations Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR).

CCR/Lawn/Landscape - Provides recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding standards for homeowner maintenance, lawn care and common area landscaping.

Financial - Assists the Treasurer in developing the annual budget and performing periodic analysis of income and expenses.

Recreation/Pool/Playground - Provides recommendations to the Board of Directors on the utilization and maintenance of Association-owned recreational assets.

Social - Recommends and organizes activities such as the community yard sales, potluck gatherings, ice cream socials, judging of Christmas decorations, etc.

Welcoming/Love Thy Neighbor - Works with the board and management company to identify new residents and welcome them to the neigborhood with a gift certificate.

Fines Committee - This is an ad hoc committee which adjudicates appeals by residents facing fines as a result of repeated CCR violations.

If you are interested in joining a committee (or the Board of Directors),
please contact the offsite management company.


� Copyright 2007- Mentone HOA.

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